A friend of mine writes short stories. One sunny day, I asked if he wanted a website to showcase his works and he agreed. I decided to use GitHub Pages to host his site. That way he wouldn't have to buy a domain and a server. While doing some research up on GitHub Pages, I accidentally chanced upon this _simple, blog-aware, static site generator_ called [Jekyll](https://jekyllrb.com/) which works really well with GitHub Pages. I figured it would do just fine for my friend and I set about searching for a pretty theme. I wanted a theme with a _book-ish_ vibe. Unfortunately, most of the themes were too modern. Eventually, I caved and begun working on my own theme. With the help of [Poole](https://github.com/poole/poole), the Jekyll Butler, I was able to build **Tale**. ## Contribute Feel free to create an issue or make a pull request on [GitHub](https://github.com/chesterhow/tale). Thanks for reading!